Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Still Needing The F Word" Summary

“I used to write poetry. The guidance office says I have this creative ability and I should be at the top of the class and have a great future. But things like that aren’t what you need to be popular. The important thing for a girl is to be popular.” “Still Needing the F Word”, written by Anna Quindlen, describes how to most women it is more important to look good, than to b intelligent. “The F Word”, as she states, stands for feminism. By doing this, she catches the attention of the audience, so that she can then give her examples of how society today is not post feminist, but pre feminist.
Quindlen Chooses Betty Friedan’s book The Feminist Mystique, which was written forty years ago, to show that things haven’t changed too drastically. “In the decades since Friedan’s book became a best seller, women have won the right to do as much as men do. They just haven’t won the right to do as little as men do.” It may be a little easier for women to get jobs than it was back then, but Quindlen states that in a study from Princeton, the women aren’t satisfied with their jobs because they didn’t feel welcomed by their male coworkers.
Another example she picks to show that society has not yet evolved to embrace feminism is the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before running for Governor, Schwarzenegger inappropriately touches several women, and then claimed that he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong. The people of California apparently didn’t have a problem with his actions towards women, but Quindlen questions whether they would have been as forgiving if he had demeaned other groups of citizens. “Still Needing the F Word” brings forth issues that most people have over looked and believe are in the past. Anna Quindlen gives present day examples to describe this present day problem.


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